Wednesday, March 28, 2018

They just keep growing: 2 x 7 = 14

(Disclaimer: this was a VERY hastily thrown together blog post and is high on photos with just a little commentary. BUT tomorrow starts the FINAL deep clean of this spring and so I knew this was my last opportunity for awhile...)

As of Monday, our gals are 2, 7 and 14. The part of me that has always loved number patterns is very happy! Kids...what a marker of the passage of time! 

Today included something that is incredibly minor in the scheme of things and yet felt rather monumental - I pumped for the last time at work and brought my breast pump home. Jason is cleaning breast pump parts for the last time as I type. Will he miss that and will I miss pumping? Not exactly...but kind of. Or maybe it is more that I will miss the stage of life that it is a symbol of. I have pumped for close to half of the last 14 years - lots and lots of ounces of milk for our girls and for a handful of other babies. But the diminishing returns made the decision to stop rather obvious. So time to pack it up and close that chapter of my life. 

Terah is, however, not showing signs of weaning any time soon so the "lactation chapter" is still open for a bit longer! That said, she's seeming less and less like a baby every day. Here's a recent coloring session. She still much prefers being without clothes than with. Here's two picture in addition to the video as proof that she would still likely be pretty content in a nudist colony!

This past week included lots of opportunities to celebrate our middle daughter and she soaked it up! Alida's been pretty excited about turning 7 and I think her birthday did not disappoint. She had a 7th birthday party with 7 girls complete with a sleepover and multiple Easter egg hunts! I took off for her actual birthday and we enjoyed a mommy/daughter date out which was a highlight for her and me. She couldn't stop chattering about how fun and special it was. And she designed her menus and helped Grandma make birthday cupcakes. There were presents/coupons gifted, the opportunity to choose her sisters' outfits for the day, and in many other ways being allowed to be "in charge" which she milked for all it was worth! Terah was not always as gracious as Kali was about giving Alida lots of opportunities to lead the way on her special day, but she did sing Happy Birthday to her lots!
It wasn't on her birthday but right before her birthday festivities we had our biggest/best snow of the year. An added bonus to her birthday week!
The snow and recent rains helped make it easier for Jason and Kali to focus on finishing Kali's hanging bed AND the ladder. Kali is now climbing her climbing tree each night to get into bed. You don't get the full effect with these pictures! Kali moving over to her new bed freed up her bed for Alida to make the ascent to the top. She decided to have first night on the top bunk be when she turned 7. So she has slept great two nights on the top bunk and my sense is there will be no turning back. 
That opens up the bottom bunk for...TERAH! Nope, hasn't slept there just yet but it's all ready for her. Another life transition just around the bend. Am I ready?

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