Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Unplugging: Cape Charles here we come!

So tomorrow morning, we will head out for a week away from the homestead (and for me, possibly more importantly, away from email and my computer)! We are leaving Tangly Woods in the capable hands of my folks and getting a much needed break together as a family. We'll be taking a return trip to the exact same little cottage we stayed in just a few weeks after Nora died. We haven't been back since...I'm eager to get reacquainted with the place that provided us comfort and a place away and near water in that intense time of grieving. I'm also eager for Alida and Terah to get to enjoy it this time around.

As of right now, there is stuff all over the place. I still haven't showered. I haven't started packing my things. But Kali and Alida are in bed. Terah is enjoying multiple showers with everyone in the family that needs a shower. And the impossible list from this morning is slowly getting shorter. Once we get on the road we will all be very excited I know! And the girls have been such troopers today. I finally sent Kali to bed, though she was concerned about me getting enough sleep. She's incredible!

Since I know that everything to this point will feel like ancient history after our trip, here's just a few snippets from recent days...
We have another reader in the house! She is so cute about it too and very excited. She got a chapter book out of the library for our trip and is well into it before we even get on the road!
I rediscovered English muffins the other day and they worked with 1/2 our homegrown and ground (thanks Mom!) barley flour! What a great idea for summer when you don't want to turn the oven on.
I love seeing all the photos Terah gets in her photography stints. Here is Jason mowing...
This one might actually be an Alida photo of me skimming cream to make butter. 
The kids had a sleepover this week that included a hike for us and a bike ride for them to Hensley's Pond. It was Alida's first time traveling by bike!
We successfully made Jason's backpack a lot lighter on the way home!
On the ride home the kids tried to go the whole way without pedaling. They are so fun!
The other exciting news: it's wineberry season! Kali has been getting a quart or two on our land about every other day.
We also enjoyed a picking stint with friends last evening which netted about 9 more quarts for the freezer. I just made a batch of vanilla pudding tonight to take with us on our trip to enjoy with fresh berries!
And it's time to call it a day and this is what our guest bed looks like. It's going to be an early morning for the adults in this family! 
I just have to keep reminding myself that there is some serious game playing in my future...

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