Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rare moments!

We were on our way home together from town today (after a day of being at school or at work or running errands or some combination of those things) when inspiration struck. The weather was amazing, Jason and I were feeling in need of some exercise, and Kali was eager to take advantage of hunting season having ended, allowing us to hike to the lake any day of the week (not just Sundays). We knew the bedroom and kitchen projects would be waiting for us upon our return, but we also had a feeling that this was just what our family needed! So we unloaded the car, packed up sandwiches for a picnic supper and headed out.

It's now 10pm and while we are still working on the finishing up the first coat of paint on our bedroom, we agreed that it was well worth taking those hours together for a hike and picnic. Who knows how many more of them we'll enjoy before Tadpole arrives, but we savored the moments walking hand in hand with Kali, watching the sunset, and hearing her say, "we are almost at our driveway, home sweet home." That it is!!

And we are getting more and more eager for our newest family member to join us, but are also grateful for the steady progress on home preparations for her arrival. She seems to have been putting a lot of energy into muscle development this week as her kicks and squirms have gone up several notches in strength.