Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cousin time and recent favorites

So I've got plenty to catch up on: a Thanksgiving trip to PA, finally moving the garden shed, Kali's duck adventures (not a happy ending on that one), etc... But for now the baby is starting to stir and I have not one, or two, but THREE cute videos to share for anyone needing to add a bright spot to their day.

Terah is really proud of her ability to communicate "yes" and "no" to us now and she does it appropriately maybe 50-75% of the time. She about falls over when nodding yes since she throws her whole body back and forth. It's quite cute! She doesn't seem in a hurry to add many words to her vocabulary yet but she still gets her point across rather effectively a lot of the time:

While not focused on talking, she is very focused on mobility and right now on climbing. This has required us moving various pieces of furniture around (or away) to ensure (or try to) her safety! She was pretty cute mastering standing on her little box of blocks the other day.

And, in case anyone might doubt that we are enjoying having a little cousin close by, see for yourselves. Terah really thinks Ivy belongs to her/us. She can get rather worked up sometimes when I hand her back over to her own mommy or daddy. 

Speaking of enjoying having them close by, Emily and Ivy are enjoying the day with us today and I better get our littlest up from her afternoon nap so I can work on dinner preparations:

More some other time soon!

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